We decided to ask this question to BK Business, which distributes building materials and builds houses. Read how comprehensive investment realisation looks like in practice.

What does a complex house construction look like?
What are the advantages of entrusting the construction to one company?

What does a complex house construction look like?

Nowadays, life is fast-paced.

People who plan to build a house are usually wealthy individuals with a massive shortage of time. It is difficult for them to find time to look for a project, but they know very well what kind of house they would like to live in.

Such investors often use the services of companies that offer comprehensive customer service and substitute investors.

The latter option is quite burdensome for the wallet, as the remuneration for the substitute investor ranges from 2.5 to even 10% of the investment costs. If we find an honest one, he will lower our construction costs, but usually, it is not in his interest because he will earn less.

A substitute investor may also operate within a construction company that will provide us with a comprehensive service, from selecting a design to living in our own house.

How does it look like in practice?

Local builders LondonIt is enough that a potential Investor has a building plot.

The next step is to contact a selected company and meet to choose a design. If the Investor has his/her types, the matter is simple; if not – he/she receives a list of proposals meeting his/her main expectations and the Development Conditions, which are checked beforehand.

If despite all that, no house satisfies him a hundred per cent, an architect cooperating with the construction company we have chosen enters into action. He may propose changes in the typical project or redraw an individual project.

The next stage is project adaptation and the author’s supervision.

From now on, the Client can sleep peacefully.

Subsequent contractors accepted by him will start the realisation of the investment according to the work schedule.

A surveyor will prepare maps; a substitute investor will arrange necessary documents (Local Development Plan, Development Conditions, prepare a notification of planned construction, find out about media availability).

Masonry and roofing services will be performed at a previously agreed time.

The same applies to windows, doors, garage doors, electrical and plumbing installations and all finishing works.

The teams themselves will determine when the materials needed for the order’s execution are to be delivered and, in case of excess, collected. Usually, in the case of entrusting a comprehensive implementation of investment, several such teams exist.

It is worth adding that the schedule of works is agreed with the principal. If he wishes to move into his new house within three months, the schedule will be modified to make this possible.

Also, the Investor influences the selection of contractors and the team of professionals.

This kind of cooperation is becoming more and more popular in London.

In practically every province, one can find comprehensive services for Client planning to build a house. These include both developers, who go one step further and help with project selection and formalities, as well as construction centres or warehouses.

What are the benefits of entrusting the construction to one company?

Unquestionable benefits for the Investor include saving time, nerves and money.

Deciding on comprehensive cooperation, the whole undertaking will cost us from several to several dozen thousand pounds cheaper. In some cases, even several dozen.

Everything depends on the scale of the investment and the offer of the selected company. Some companies even offer to reimburse the project costs for declaring the purchase of construction materials at their point.

If the house project costs £3,000 and the bill in the construction centre is £30,000 we will pay only £27,000 Often, there is also a discount of several per cent on this amount.

Large construction companies can afford such a calculation for a client who will purchase materials only from them. For example, the price of a ceramic hollow brick for an ordinary customer is £4.20, which gives £12,600 for 3 thousand pieces. On the other hand, a complicated investor can get a price of £3.60 per piece. In the final bill, he will pay £10,800 for hollow blocks. The pricing of all building materials and services for this group of clients is similar.

Thanks to comprehensive cooperation, construction can be a beautiful memory and not a persistently recurring nightmare. All you need to have at your disposal is sufficient funds to quickly and stress-free live in your dream home.

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