Sash or timber casement windows have been around for hundreds of years, remaining the most popular style today. Traditional windows and doors in London are made from timber. They are crafted in various styles and colours to fit any property perfectly.

Why invest in timber windows for your property in London? Firstly, they’re more environmentally friendly than uPVC windows and offer numerous advantages to your home and the planet.

Wooden frames are more cost-effective than you might think; in fact, wooden frames are the cheapest window material by up to 30%! That means you could save on uPVC windows by switching to timber instead!

Wooden frames are more cost-effective to repair than uPVC ones, making them a better investment in the long run. This is because wooden frames can be sanded down and repeatedly painted, unlike uPVC windows which must be replaced when they reach their end of the lifespan.

These frames are made from either softwood or hardwood, both sustainably sourced and highly durable. You can stain them for a more organic aesthetic that fits in with any theme you may have for your home.

Timber window frames offer several benefits, such as their ability to be sanded repeatedly without needing paint. This simplifies maintenance requirements for your property and may even increase its overall value!

Alternatively, you could consider installing double-glazed timber sash windows, which are highly energy efficient. They come in various styles and colours and can be made from hardwood and softwood.

Homes located in conservation areas or listed buildings can benefit from using brick pavers, as they help preserve the character of the building and its nearby neighbourhood. Plus, their aesthetic appeal surpasses uPVC’s, so your property’s exterior will have an added appeal when people pass by.

You can have them sanded and painted in various colours to enhance the style of your property further. Not only will these look bespoke and individual, but they will make for a great addition to any home.

Are you in search of a company to install wooden windows in London? Look no further than Andrew Jaynes! As a local specialist timber company, they can advise on the best option for your home.

They’re more cost-effective than you might think. They can be sanded to any desired colour, allowing you to customize your property’s aesthetic to fit your budget or suit individual tastes.

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